An awards programme like no other…

The Travel Retail Awards is a game-changing awards programme that recognises true ingenuity in travel retailing. It was originally conceived to further develop TRBusiness’ mantra of ‘helping the industry grow.’

Through event partner m1nd-set, the judging process utilises feedback from 5,000 travelling consumers, making it one of the largest consumer-voted award demographics ever.

The judging process, also incorporates a select panel of expert bloggers and vloggers (all with a huge wealth of travel experience), who experience the products first-hand. The feedback that they give is invaluable, and their scores, combined with the 5,000 consumer votes, crown the industry’s trailblazing products, retailers, airports and cruise lines as winners. 2023 marks the sixth year of the awards scheme.


A word from the organisers…

“The consumer-voted Travel Retail Awards was developed with one sole aim: to provide honest, quality feedback and recognition to airports, retailers and suppliers through the lens of the consumer. In turn, we are hearing from all participants in previous editions of the Travel Retail Awards that this is helping to simultaneously drive sales while increasing consumer awareness. We’re delighted to take the highly-acclaimed Travel Retail Awards back to the global industry summit in Cannes. Following industry feedback, airports, retailers and cruise lines will no longer be automatically enrolled into the awards. Instead, we now welcome stakeholders from all channels to submit entries with the added ability to provide written feedback and images for consumers’ evaluation. This new entry process guarantees shoppers gain a deeper understanding of your ambitions and achievements before they provide their scores.Janice Hook and Nigel Hardy, Co-Owners & Joint CEOs, TRBusiness
“Shopping is an essential part of the passenger’s experience and when they travel through an airport, their journey/holiday begins. The top airports around the world provide perfect environments for truly memorable retail experiences and it’s a time when customers can find unique and interesting products, sometimes for the very first time. We see from our research that they have strong opinions about the retail experience and are willing and enthusiastic to share.” Peter Mohn, Owner & CEO, m1nd-set

The TRBusiness and m1nd-set teams look forward to welcoming you all to the 2023 Travel Retail Awards ceremony in Cannes!