From 2023 onwards the methodology for the airport and retail awards will change. These will be open to nominations from airports and their respective retail and commercial partners.

TR Awards research partner, the leading Swiss consumer research company m1nd-set, will then interview 5,000 international passengers and present them the airport and retail nominations. The passengers selected will have travelled internationally at least once in the past six months.

The 5,000 consumers will review the submissions from the nominees and evaluate these based on each award category: the retail environment, customer experience, digital and social media offer, sense of place, the airport food & beverage offer and sustainable retail initiative. The consumers will score the entries on a 10 point scale.

The results will then be collated with the bloggers and vloggers’ scores, as with the product awards. For the Best Sustainable Retail Initiative, airports, airlines, cruise, ferry and rail companies or their retail and commercial partners can all submit their nomination. The same 80:20 ratio between consumers’ and bloggers’ scores will apply to all airport and sustainable retail initiative awards as with the product awards.