Cost per entry is £275 GBP per submission. The deadline for submissions is Friday 30 August 2024.


All entries are to be submitted and managed via our online portal – users can submit more than one entry at a time (if they wish), upload images, and provide information to support your entry.

Please note that all submissions can be modified and updated up until the closing date, using the unique reference number allocated when you register. Use the ‘Review Entry’ menu to access this function.

Products either have to be already present in the travel retail environment or planned to launch imminently. Products previously entered into the awards may be re-entered.

For Product entries, we will require five product samples to be sent to the TRBusiness headquarters in the UK. The postal address will be provided once your entries are successfully submitted.

All samples will be distributed to our panel of experienced bloggers and vloggers for touching, testing and tasting as part of the judging process. TRBusiness will therefore not be able to return the samples provided for the awards.

The deadline for sending samples is Friday 30 August 2024.

PLEASE NOTE: Companies entering the product awards are responsible for all customs charges when sending the product samples to the UK. These charges are to be paid in advance.


  • Each awards entry can include up-to three images, we recommend using the full allowance if possible. It provides consumers with a fantastic visual aid when evaluating your entry.
  • Ensure that your images are of a good quality and (if text is included) don’t use small fonts that are difficult to read.

Entry description:

  • Remember to use language that is easy to digest for consumers – avoid acronyms and jargon that may be hard to understand.
  • Be focused, clear and concise and ensure that your copy is easily understood.
  • Provide as much information as possible to help the consumers assess your entry.
  • Try to connect with what matters to consumers. Put yourself in their mindset when writing your submission.
  • Remember to proofread your entry. Typos can make a great submission look sloppy.
  • Unique attributes to the travel/travel retail sector should be highlighted, i.e. travel retail exclusives, special editions or travel friendly products.


  • We recommending entering sooner rather than later. A last minute rush is likely to impact on the quality of your submission. You can always edit your entry at a later date.
  • Be sure to select the category that best fits your entry. If your entry fits into two categories, think about which one consumers will see as the best fit.
  • Increase the chances of your company winning! Enter as many times as possible, in as many categories as possible.

The information and image submitted for each product entered will be submitted to be reviewed by 5,000 international travelling shoppers, sourced from m1nd-set’s unique database, via a bespoke judging platform. Although not experiencing the product first-hand, the consumers will base their scores on perceived quality and price point, just as they would if purchasing the product online, or from a gifting perspective.

All entrants to the Travel Retail Awards will receive valuable feedback from a panel of experienced bloggers and vloggers, with a combined following in the millions. This feedback, detailing their personal experience with the product, can help companies to refine their offering, making it even more appealing to consumers.

Criteria consumers use when evaluating your entry:

To help tailor your entry text and provide the best images possible, please take a note of the criteria consumers will be basing their evaluations on below:

Product entries:

  • General appeal
  • Quality
  • Suitability to duty free / airport shopping
  • Its uniqueness
  • Innovativeness
  • Value for money
  • Experience with the product (this question is asked only to our panel of influencers, who will have the physical product sample)

Promotional initiatives:

  • The overall design of this promotion
  • The promotion’s uniqueness
  • Their likelihood to find out more about the promotion
  • Their likelihood to make a purchase if they saw this promotion

Charity/sustainability and D&I categories:

  • The impact this initiative has on them personally.
  • The initiatives ethical/social/environmental impact
  • The initiatives likelihood to make them find out more.
  • This positive impact this initiative has on their overall impression of the company.